Palnet meet-ups

The annual ‘Palnet meet-ups’ were initiated by the Elkstar  and Gertrudsdottir.
The idea was, and is, to once a year meet up in the real world with the Fotolog people you only see online for the rest of the year, by coming to a place, somewhere in Europe, chosen by that year’s host. These meet-up weekends are ideal for hassle-free and brazen photo sessions of scenes with people in them – which is precisely what Gustave likes doing.

For Gustave the meet photos he makes, or those the other meeters make, are the source material for his Photoshop experiments and explorations. In addition they may hold his well-tempered, ironic comments on the meets. You will encounter the results elsewhere on this website, tagged by meet name. A lot of material has already been posted on Fotolog, on Gustave’s own pages or on the group pages of the meets held in 2010-2015.

Here’s a list of these meets, each with an example of Gustave’s contributions.

Chiarameet (Traversella, Italy)

2010-3828 chiarameet tableau de la troupe










Finmeet (Jyväskylä/Pyhitty, Finland)


Nedermeet (Breda/Bavel, Netherlands)


Germeet I (Freiburg/Schauinsland, Germany)


Bordermeet (Chatton, Northumberland)

2014 bordermeet last_one_in

Germeet II (Roβberg, Germany)



2015 germeet2 lichtenstein_porsche