Gustave Guillaume Nanon Marie Petit


Tilburg 5 January 1954
judo classes
Zeeland: sailing
draws caravans and boats
series De Kameleon (about two Frisian brothers and their boat)
‘De stroper van Tjot-Idi’
collects daily Suske en Wiske strip from Nieuwsblad newspaper
‘Sint Paulusgevangenis’
Radio Veronica’s Top 40
‘not a fighter’
secondary school: last hbs-A class ever before Mammoetwet
fox terrier Joris
club Batuka, swinging in de Spoel
conscripted > saved by S5
Sint Joost academy of art ‘publicity/graphic arts’
day school, moves into digs
evening school, daytime job in father’s stonemason yard
to Portugal, to Greece
‘Plint’ design magazine
Gill Sans
‘photocopier art’
Andy Warhol
Jean Tinguély, Panamarenko
stops at the academy
prepress designer at Mikro-Druk publishers
‘work assessments’ in café De Bommel
Venice Biënnale
leaves Mikro-Druk, courts their phototypesetter
‘Huize Ferryzicht’
café 111
‘late developer’
autonomous photographer
Petri, Pentax KX
35mm, black and white
dark room in bathroom
red Renault 4
to France I, route Napoléon
colour slides
to New York
Carlton Arms Hotel
Cartier-Bresson expo ICP, Guggenheim
photography = adjusted reality
Bill Brandt
William Klein
Fay Godwin’s patience
ringmaster V30 slideshow
to Italy: Elba, Cinqueterre
A Bike Tour of the Fatherland
the leather jacket
Tahbes Synchrona
Bannon plastic camera, 4×4 film
Polaroid S60
to the South of England: ‘Find the Sheep’
‘zilvold scale’ to correct Pentax light meter
diapositive installations
first floor with a balcony, man’s plaster cast on neighbouring roof
fixed dark room
view on A58 motorway, ‘window on the world’
to the North of England and Schotland
to Brittany
‘Zwaar Leven’ magazine
‘Zwaar Feesten’ party
photography sales to art libraries, Boymans Museum
to Pyrenees, the little house in Taillet
Amiga computer, dot-matrix printer
compugraphics pioneer’s work
Atlantic, Cockpit, Idaho
portfolio for acquisition
‘Petit Pollock’ drippings
daughter Rebecca born
to Germany and Venice
midget golf
album sleeve Motel Bokassa percussion group
matrix light show performances Motel Bokassa
son Fabian born
house & garden
StuBru cassette tapes, Life = Music
Radio 21 ‘c’est pour l’oreille’
mother dies
son Luca born
wooden toys: crane, race car, lorry
pipe rack ‘The Contented Smoker’
man about the house, short-handed
Renault 4 as a family car: to Britanny I, II and III
jack of many trades such as quality controller, driver, exhibition builder, demolition worker, pump attendant, courier
‘The Master of Arts and the labourer’
‘… nonetheless, married!’
graphic designer at advertising agency
dismissed, legal procedures, ‘incompatibilité des humeurs’
brother in law missing in Switzerland
courier: free rider
Secret Service, publisher of racy tales
father dies
Harvey the beagle
head of the pack
first steps on option market
de Uitloper, Teuben, Quattropharma
‘Breng die rozen naar Saaaandraaa…’
Mas d’en Mas, ‘vôtre voiture gêne’
to Lochberg (Switzerland) once, twice
Nissan Vannette
to Picos de Europa, Dolomites, Andorra
‘puk & muk’ go to Paris by Thalys
‘Abe’s Farm’ Texel for 50th anniversary
Lucky Strike
digital photography
proud as a peacock with his fleet
Opel Astra
tailback driving = top sport
in Laroque’s fires from hell
the empty nest
de Dolfijn (isle of Vlieland)
Gustafson on Fotolog
Sonic Youth show in Düsseldorf
walking Harvey to Sonsbeeck Park, the little “French” river
Chiarameet (Traversella)
Wissant, moules frites ‘Chez Nicole’
to Berlin by Eurolines (!)
Finmeet (Jyväskylä) and to Sweden
cartoon photos
kleindochter Mylani
Meneer Hoeba on Fotolog
to Miami and the Everglades
‘Hoeba’s helpful hat’
2012-8789 portret hoeba hoed zww voor avatar
Nedermeet (Roosberg)
the ‘epic’ Hondsdonk bike route
1e I Love Breda (MOTI) photography contest, ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ in newspaper
to France and Italy
Germeet (Freiburg)
2e I Love Breda (MOTI) photo contest, ‘Harleydag’ citation by professional jury
River Mark bicycle track
Mastbos forest
60th birthday in de Dolfijn
excess of government regulations: goodbye free rider
on the road in Belgium (Alcontrol)
Bordermeet (Chatton)
Harwich-Edinburgh v.v. in 100 images
Agatha Christie, Gérard de Villiers
Dutch suspense literature
literature club
Michel Houellebecq, A. den Doolaard
first prize ‘Icoon van Breda’ (MOTI) with this photo
contract worker at Doornbos Couriers
Wim Wenders photo show in Düsseldorf
‘Le Matelot’ (film Aki Kaurismäki, song The Renegades, photo Ambleteuse)
Saint Mary medallion in Notre Dame basilica, Boulogne-sur-mer
2e Germeet (Roßberg)
to Vienna
grandson Rayu born
diagnosis anaplastic thyroid cancer
dies at home in Breda on 20 August 2016.